A Day in the Mountains

Experience the beauty of true Piedmontese tradition

The alpine silhouette of Piedmont is more than just a beautiful landscape, the Borghi that fill the valleys are an integral part of the heritage and tradition of the region. Even today, they bring us some of the best tastes of the region, with their unique cheeses and fine wines, and so much more. On weekends, there’s nothing Piedmontese locals love more than to take a walk through the ancient streets of these villages, taking in the beauty of the natural landscape. But the best part of a day in the mountains? The stop at the final destination for a little aperitivo.

The delights waiting at the end of the climb

At the end of a long walk in the mountains, there’s nothing better than a glass of local Piedmontese wine. Tarlap is a Valli Ossolane Rosso DOC that pleases every palate. Meaning “a drop” in the local dialect, a drop is what you need to rejuvenate you after an adventure. But you don’t need to scale mountains to enjoy this delight. You can indulge in a drop even wherever you may be, bringing the excellence of Piedmont to you.


Valli Ossolane Rosso DOC “Tarlap”



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A 100% Merlot expression coming from the far north reaches of Piedmont’s province of Domodossola, the vines are found nestled among the Alpine valleys.

This cool climate produces a refreshing and elegant fruit-forward wine, one that can be enjoyed by the glass on its own. But to really indulge in the Piedmont tradition, you’ll want to try it with the herbaceous cured pork filet, or its local neighbour the Antigorio Riserva raw milk cheese. For a real treat, you won’t want to skip a little bite of chocolate with a sip of this refreshing Merlot, it’s a pairing made in heaven, or in Alto Piemonte, the next best thing.

Live the Piedmontese Tradition

We’ve gathered together a collection that shares the true spirit of the Piedmontese mountains. A delicious selection of artisanal products to taste, and bring to life the experience of a day in Piedmont’s stunning Alps. Join us for a picnic of alpine cheese, truffle salame,  pork fillet, aperitifs and plenty of sweets.

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