5 Golden rules for storing red wine at home

How to store red wines at home? Discover our 5 golden rules!

  • Environment

Bottles should be stored in an airy, vibration-free and well-ventilated room to prevent the wine from absorbing odours. 

  • Light

Store the wine bottle away from direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Humidity

The environment in which you store the bottles must have a humidity of between 80-85% to prevent evaporation of the wine. 

  • Position

Store the bottle horizontally so that the cork comes into contact with the wine.

If the cork dries out, it will shrink, letting oxygen into the bottle and causing the wine to oxidise.

  • Ageing 

Generally, a medium-bodied bottle of red wine will keep for 3/4 years. An ageing red wine can be tasted up to 15 years after the harvest. 

Once opened, the red wine will keep for about 5 days. Close the bottle with a cork, keep it upright and out of the refrigerator.