The best cheeses of Emilia Romagna

The cheeses of Emilia Romagna are many: there are different types and some of them have also obtained the protected designation of origin (PDO). Cheeses are part of local traditions and many typical Emilian dairy products are also known and appreciated internationally.



How could we not start with Parmigiano cheese? Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the best-known Italian cheeses abroad and this fact already suggests how high the quality is and how good this cheese is.

Parmigiano Reggiano is a cheese of Emilia Romagna produced exclusively in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna (on the left of the Reno river), and Mantova (on the right of the Po river): there are concentrated farms where the cows are fed with locally produced fodder. Animal nutrition is in fact one of the characteristics that mainly distinguishes Parmigiano Reggiano from other cheeses produced similarly.

As for the production, the milk of the morning and the previous evening are poured into the typical copper boilers. Milk coagulation occurs slowly and naturally thanks to the addition of rennet and whey obtained from the previous day’s processing. The curd is then fragmented and cooked, to be later placed in the molds.

The minimum seasoning is 12 months, and the 16 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano is the lightest expression of Parmigiano produced by Azienda Agricola Bonat. It has a small bite, is softer, and can be enjoyed better on its own rather than grated.

The 26/28 months old Parmigiano is one of the most prestigious variations of Parmigiano and has an exquisite flavour. It is perfect to grate over pasta or to enjoy on its own.

Finally, a very aged and particularly rich expression of Parmigiano is the “Parmigiano Reggiano Riserva 3 years” which is a dry and crumbly version of the classic cheese, great for grating over tasty dishes! 

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the most versatile cheeses of Italian cuisine, capable of combining with multiple ingredients and creating tasty recipes one after another.



Emilia Romagna has a lot to offer in terms of cheese specialties and the ones deriving from red cows (Vacche Rosse) are particularly tasty.

I Sapori Delle Vacche Rosse is a local family business that thought of putting back into production a cheese made only with pure red cow’s milk. They have very restrictive regulations in respect of animals, the pursuit of the highest quality, and the protection of customers.

The minimum age of red cow cheese is 24 months. Despite the long aging period, as for the one matured 30 months, the peculiarity of these cheeses is that they are characterized by intense aromas and flavours and not by the typical spicy and aggressive note of mature cheeses.

Intense and smooth flavour with a final and persistent note of sweetness is that of the red cow’s milk cheese “Riserva” aged 40 months. As a reserve, only some forms with particular characteristics are chosen to be brought to this maturation stage, which is why it is a particularly popular cheese.

I Sapori Delle Vacche Rosse also produces caciotta cheese from red cows’ milk.This fresh cheese is only matured for 10 days: its soft paste is compact and has a buttery taste. Perfect for pasta and salad dressings!