Best Sardinian Cheeses

One of the greatest riches of Sardinia lies in livestock and in the products that derive from it. Some of the best Sardinian cheeses come from the long history of the island’s pastoral civilization that makes simple and pure dairy products.

Even today many shepherds continue to maintain the traditions, keeping the animals in an almost wild state, so as to maintain the strong flavours and ancient aromas of the best Sardinian cheeses that we find on our tables.


Fiore Sardo is a famous raw sheep milk cheese of Sardinia. It’s a pecorino cheese with ancient origins and has always been produced with artisanal methods. The history of this cheese has its roots in the period before the Romans conquered Sardinia. It has become the symbol and the pride of Sardinian shepherds for centuries.

The paste is white with some yellow streaks: it is hard and dry to the touch but crumbly and grainy to the taste. Its flavour gets spicier the more it ages and it is a product that remains unaltered in flavour and consistency for long periods of time, even if outside the refrigerator.



Sardinian provola is one of the best sardinian cheeses. It is a fresh or semi-aged pear-shaped cheese. It is a product with a soft consistency, a flexible crust and a soft and light taste.

“Casizolu” Aged Provola di Bordigali is a cow’s milk cheese with a spun paste and a sweet and aromatic flavour. This is also a cheese that comes from a long tradition: it was and still is entirely handmade so that the head of the “peretta” can retain its distinctive aroma.

This aged provola, if stored in the right way, continues the ageing process even after being bought, so each consumer can choose when to eat it and can try and find their preferred flavour.



Among some of the best Sardinian cheeses, there are undoubtedly goat cheeses.

In the Sardinian dialect, “Nennu” means “child”, and just like its meaning, Nennu cheese is a simple and sweet cheese. Thanks to its high digestibility, it is loved by both adults and children alike. It is produced with goat’s milk from wild pasture farms fed according to the seasons, the forage and scrub characteristics of Sardinia. Its paste is white and creamy with slight holes. To the taste, it is sweet, with fresh and slight aromas.

Onesa cheese is an aged goat cheese with a white and crumbly paste. Its taste is sweet and aromatic so that in just one bite you can taste the aroma of herbs and shrubs from the Mediterranean maquis.