Blue Cheese and Wine Pairings

Everyone loves a wine and cheese pairing, but some cheeses seem tougher to pair because of their distinctive flavour… and blue cheese is for sure among them! So, here’s our guide to blue cheese and wine pairings.

Blue cheese is a semi-soft cheese with a sharp and very distinctive smell and flavour. It is easily recognisable because of its bluish and greenish spots made of the edible mold called Penicillium. Different genuses of the Penilicillium contribute to the creation of different blue cheeses. Each cheese is different and has different properties, so the challenge is finding a good wine match for each of them!

Gorgonzola Piccante 200Gr Palzola Piedmont Delights



When thinking about blue cheese the first that comes to mind is often Gorgonzola: the most famous blue cheese of Northern Italy. What better way than to share this tasty cheese with your loved one and some good Italian wine?

Gorgonzola is a very versatile blue cheese. Its soft-paste can be used as an ingredient in many traditional Italian recipes as well as eaten on its own. There are mainly two types of Gorgonzola: sweet and spicy.

Sweet Gorgonzola is a type of creamy cheese with a delicate taste. For this blue cheese, the wine should be chosen among white wines. Elba bianco DOC “Casa degli Ajali” is a white soft wine, with floral undertones and a great pairing for sweet Gorgonzola.

Spicy Gorgonzola is obtained through the aging process of the cheese, without additional seasonings: as time passes, Gorgonzola acquires an increasingly intense taste and aroma until it reaches a spicy flavour. The stronger flavour of this blue cheese goes well with aged red wines. Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo DOC “Gratus” is a well-structured red wine, a perfect pairing for Spicy Gorgonzola. 


Piedmont is well known for its cheeses, wines… and truffles! Why not try and mix all three in a unique and tasty experience?

Paltufa is a blue cheese made with truffle flakes. This delicacy is a mix between Gorgonzola and black truffle. Black truffle is quite precious and rare, and it makes this cheese even more appetible. The sweet and creamy blue cheese mixed with the intense favour of the black pepper strikes a winning combination. 

We suggest trying it with a well-structured red Piedmontese wine for a perfect pairing. Gattinara DOCG is a robust wine with an intense mineral fragrance. 

This is the perfect tris for a typical Piedmontese specialities aperitif!

Paltufa Gorgonzola Palzola Piedmont Delights



There is spicy Gorgonzola, and then there are some blue cheeses that are really spicy. Like Palfuoco – Blue cheese with chili peppers. This blue cheese mixes the sweet taste of cheese and the spiciness of chili pepper, creating a unique combination that will melt in your mouth.

Palfuoco blue cheese is excellent to taste on its own, accompanied by bread and well structured  red wine, or a dry white wine like Romagna Albana Secco DOCG “Amedeo”.



The great variety of blue cheeses also offers options for those who like fruity-based cheeses. 

Blueberry Blue Cheese “Blues” is soft and creamy, with a sweet taste thanks to the blueberries and fortified wine on its edges. 

For this blue cheese we suggest a pairing with Red Toscana IGT “Tages”, a rich red wine with an intense scent and harmonious taste that balances well with the fruity and sweet taste of the Blueberry blue cheese.



Among the many peculiar blue cheeses around there is one that stands out in particular if you love coffee. Sancarlone blue cheese with coffee rind is one of a kind: a slightly spicy cow’s milk cheese with the crust covered in coffee powder. 

This unique cheese is well paired with a full-bodied red wine or an aged sweet wine like Romagna Albana DOCG “L’impronta dei gessi”, a vintage sweet and fresh wine with fruity notes.