Make a list, check it twice, and shop once with Italian Delights

Is it just me, or did I blink and suddenly it’s time to shop for Christmas? If you find yourself scrambling to find the perfect gift for your wine-loving cousin or want to try a new Italian tradition with your family this year, look no further! The experts at Italian Delights have compiled the best products in convenient Christmas in Italy Gift Hampers to make your holiday shopping quick and delicious. Whether you enjoy meat, prefer seafood, or eat gluten-free, we have something for everyone under the tree.

For a traditional Italian Christmas dinner:

The Holidays are a time for breaking bread with your family around the table, but preparing the feast requires so much work! Don’t waste your precious time grocery shopping when you can bring the Christmas in Italy – Meat Hamper to the banquet instead. There’s something for everyone in this carefully prepared box with 10 excellent products. Make some Holiday memories when you give this as a gift or use it as a starter kit for your own Italian-style Christmas dinner.

Start with an Italian charcuterie board of Tuscan prosciutto and Campeda Spicy Cream Cheese from Sardinia. The prosciutto will keep for a long time, just be sure to wrap it in a clean dry cloth and store it at the bottom of your fridge.

For an Italian style primo with your loved ones, enjoy the Ruffi organic pasta of Sardinia with Ragu Sauce, chosen to pair perfectly with the Vigna di Mezzo Nebbiolo and Barbera blend. Always on the table should be olive oil, so we included the Ozzastrera EVOO to bring a unique taste of Sardinia to your plates. Drizzle a little over your dishes or enjoy together with Balsamic Vinegar for dipping bread. This pair is also delicious on vegetable side dishes.

Don’t forget dessert! At the end of a beautiful meal, everyone can enjoy a slice of Italian Tradition, the Classic Panettone with Almonds. Leave Olive Oil Cantucci for Santa, and fill the little ones’ stockings with Caramelized Hazelnuts.



For seafood lovers:

While much of the Italian menu involves meat, you can bring the seafood traditions of the Mediterranean into your home with the Christmas in Italy – Seafood Hamper. For a delicious starter to your holiday meals, try aubergines in olive oil with light and tasty Sardinian Pane Guttiau. Marinated anchovies keep the tradition of the Adriatic sea alive, and today it’s your chance to taste this prized tradition of Emilia Romagna. Their recognized Slow Food delights are perfect to taste in an aperitivo or alongside your main meal.

Make an elegant pasta dish with Prendas Organic Sardinian Pasta and a pinch of fine shavings of bottarga di muggine, a grated mullet roe straight from the sea for a taste of Sardinia. Don’t forget the olive oil! The Basil, Lemon and Thyme olive oil brings a refreshing kick to your dishes. Drizzle a little over fresh cooked fish or bread and cheese for a unique experience of the taste of Italy.

Thirsty and wanting something sweet? Tuscan Vermentino pairs perfectly with any seafood dish as well as crunchy Lemon Cantucci. And finally the star of a traditional Italian Christmas: Pandoro! Heat up the star-shaped cake in the oven on low for just 5 minutes before serving and it will fill your home with Christmas cheer with its irresistible vanilla scent.

For a couple’s first Christmas:


If you prefer a smaller sampling or want to give the taste of Italy to a couple in your life, the Christmas in Italy – the Essentials Hamper is a very good place to start. Sometimes simpler can be better, especially when you share a romantic candlelit meal.

Pop open a bottle of Colline Novaresi DOC Nebbiolo “Nobilior”, and pair with the delicious light blue cheese Toma del Monte Barro and the slightly spicy Salamino with myrtle for the essential aperitivo. For the dinner menu, taste the centuries-old Italian tradition of handmade Egg tagliatelle with a rich veal and pork Piedmontese Ragu.

For a fun interpretation of a classic dessert, we included Classic Panettone without candies that comes in a jar! Chocolate is perfect for a romantic night in, so we couldn’t forget Dark Chocolate 61% made by the chocolate masters of Audere. We love this recipe for another delicious chocolate dessert to share with your special someone!


For gluten-free friends:


You might think that it’s impossible to enjoy a gluten-free Italian Christmas dinner, but the Christmas in Italy – Gluten Free hamper contains everything you need for a completely gluten-free menu. All that’s missing are your legs under the table.

For your gluten-free Italian aperitif, crack open a can of Glupiter beer, the unfiltered craft German Ale from Emilia. Glupiter is a golden beer with a fresh taste that will pair perfectly with the sweet and light Aged Provola Casizolu and melt-in-your-mouth Mortadella with Italian pistachios.

For the main course, enjoy your favourite pasta sauce with gluten-free Tagliatelle. Made with a combination of corn and rice flour, this handmade pasta is the delicious product of a Tuscan artisanal process that you can taste in every bite.

To end on a sweet note, enjoy the Assedium’s classic almond panettone with crunchy Piedmontese hazelnuts and bitter almond glaze. If you want to get really extra, spread the warm and soft Hazelnut cream 60% all over your Panettone. After all, it’s Christmas! Treat yourself.

For those that want it all:

Speaking of treating yourself, we just had to curate the most decadent Italian Delights for you in the Luxury Christmas in Italy Hamper. This gift box will surely dazzle the family that you haven’t seen in a while, and give you lots to eat and drink while you make memories together.


The luxury Christmas hamper has all the best and most elegant products, including Premium Tuscan Olive Oil PGI and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged in Cherry Wood. The foodie in your life will adore a charcuterie spread with Tuscan Prosciutto Sgambato Steccato, aged Red Cow’s cheese, and tangy Mostarda romagnola

Don’t believe that you can cook a 5-star Italian meal in your own home? Just wait until you try the Pappardelle with Rooster suet with scrub herbs.

To wind down after your luxurious dinner, enjoy a bottle of sweet and sparkling Moscato d’Asti Black Edition and with a big slice of rich Pistachio Panettone.

But the Christmas spirit doesn’t end there! We’re certain we have something for everyone on your Christmas list. Check out all our Holiday offerings to see what delights await you and your loved ones this Christmas!