4 creative recipes for jam: light, fresh and perfect for summer

The summer heat forces us to turn off the oven and to turn on the fan…but it can’t force us to eat the same boring salad all over again! Enrich your diet with new flavors and lots of fruit recreating these simple summery recipes. These 4 creative recipes for jam use our favorite fruity compotes to add more flavour to your summer. Check them out!

  • Yogurt bowl with raspberry jam by Audere

This is a delicious and easy to make breakfast! First off, you’ll need yogurt: it can be greek, unsweetened, vegan… choose the one you prefer.
The key element of this bowl is the Audere raspberry jam. Imagine the taste of a nice ripe raspberry and multiply it by a thousand: this is the taste of the Audere compote, rich in fruit, sweet and just a touch of sour. It creates a delicate and pleasurable contrast.

Finally, we need a crunchy element, a good granola is perfect. To prepare your summer bowl, choose your favorite bowl and arrange the yogurt at the base, then add a spoonful of Audere raspberry jam and sprinkle it with some muesli: your tasty breakfast is ready!bowl-yogurt-granola-raspberry-compote-jam

  • Tasty toast with onion & plum chutney by Terra Naturale

Want to surprise your friends with a really special appetizer? These crostini are perfect!
Slice your favorite bread and toast it lightly, to give it crunchiness. Arrange some good cheese on the bread: both blue cheeses (for example sweet Palzola DOP gorgonzola) and semi-hard cheeses such as Fior di Tiglio La Casera and Goat’s testùn Guffanti are perfect.

Now it’s time for the star of this aperitif: the onion and plum chutney. Sweet and spicy, savory and aromatic, this chutney will give the toast a special touch. Arrange a teaspoon of chutney on each crouton and garnish, if you like, with fresh herbs. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this gourmet pairing!toast-crostini-chutney-onion-plums

  • Grilled chicken with spicy vinaigrette made with aubergines & ginger jam

In the evening, eating a light second course is always nice, but in the long run the usual quick pan chicken can get boring. Here is a more creative recipe: prepare grilled chicken slices, seasoning them only with a pinch of salt. On the side, prepare a colorful salad with valerian, chopped carrots and halved cherry tomatoes.

It might seem like the usual dinner but here is the surprise element: a vinaigrette with aubergine and ginger jam! This jam, both sweet and spicy, is really special and goes very well with meat. Blend a tablespoon of jam with a tablespoon of oil, a nice pinch of salt, a tablespoon of water and vinegar to taste to obtain a tasty and slightly spicy vinaigrette and use it as a dressing for the chicken and the salad. I am sure your dinner will have a completely different flavor!

  • Easy cheesecake with Ramassin plum jam by Monastero Germagno

A quick and fresh treat is what you need on a hot summer evening, let’s make it together! The recipe is the one you saw in the reels of our Instagram profile (do you follow us, don’t you? 😉) today I suggest you a new version.

The biscuit base is prepared by finely chopping 200g of baci di dama with spelt flour and adding them to 50g of melted butter. Arrange the base in 4-6 single-portion cups (if they are transparent, you will see all the layers). The cheesecake filling is made by combining 500ml of whipped cream with 200g of Greek yogurt and 50g of sugar. Place it in the bowls too.

Let’s transform this cheesecake adding a special topping: Ramassin plum jam. Ramassin is a Piedmontese variety of plums, characterized by smaller and tastier fruits, slightly acidic. The jam is unique and special and is the perfect topping for our single portions of cheesecake. Seeing is believing!cheescake-ramassin-jam-monastero-germagno-piedmont-delights

It is impressive how jams can turn simple summer recipes into intriguing treats… Try them to create dishes rich in taste and genuine ingredients, your summer will be even more fantastic!

Do you have another creative recipe that uses jam? We’d love to see, share with us on Instagram at @ItalianDelights_ 

– Until next time, With love!