Experience Autumn in Piedmont

Delicious Traditions & Beautiful Views

Autumn in Piedmont is the perfect season for foodies, wine lovers, and everyone looking to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nearly every town has a sagra, food festival dedicated to their local delicacy, while the hills are buzzing with the sounds of the harvest. It may sound a bit busy, but in reality, this season is also one of the most peaceful times to step out and enjoy the crisp fall weather in Piedmont’s beautiful natural landscape.

Let me guide you through some of the most authentic experiences that characterize Autumn in Piedmont.

Autumn in Piedmont: A Trip through Nature

Piedmont offers many breathtaking landscapes: you can enjoy alpine hiking trails, walk by lakes, admire the sunset in the hills in the Langhe, look for colorful leaves in the woods…there is a perfect location for everyone! 

The enchanting view of Lake Maggiore from Sass dal Pizz

If you want to see the lakes in Alto Piemonte from a higher and fresher point of view Sass dal Pizz is the perfect spot. From Fosseno’s ancient washhouse you can hike in the woods going uphill and after 20-30 minutes you will get to the top of this little mountain called “Monte della Croce”. There, the panorama is unforgettable, you can see Lake Maggiore in all its beauty. At this point, you can enjoy the crisp air and the nice foliage having a picnic there or, if you are an experienced hiker, you can go on and explore Monte Cornaggia.

If you love Nature and you want to learn more about some of our Piedmontese best locations, there are some articles that you’ll find interesting, for instance, Exploring Valsesia in Autumn or discovering Orridi di Uriezzo, the Piedmontese Grand Canyon.

Piedmont’s Tasty Delights are in Season

Villages and towns are the perfect locations to taste some of the masterpieces of Piedmontese traditions. Cuneo in the South-West of Piedmont hosts in October the National Marroni Fair, a local variety of chestnuts that is bigger and tastier. Traditionally they are covered in syrup and honey and glazed to prepare marron glace, a sweet treat that Piedmontese people share above all during the Christmas holidays. 

For a savory entrée, the star of autumn is Bagna Cauda (in Piedmontese dialect means warm sauce): garlic, anchovies, and oil create an intense and rich sauce, perfectly paired with grissini or “bollito” (boiled meat).
Now, we should move to the South-East of Piedmont in the Langhe: here we find Alba, the capital of truffles. No, not any type of truffle: Alba hosts every year the International Alba White Truffle Fair, a true heaven for all truffle lovers! While tasting truffles, maybe in a creamy risotto you can visit the area, it’s perfect to have long walks and to discover the beauty of the countryside.

Autumn in Piedmont Means Wine Harvest!

And to accompany the truffle risotto, a good glass of red wine is a must. Autumn in Piedmont means harvest: the vineyards are full of ripe grapes, the winemakers have waited so long for this moment and are ready to pick them by hand, as their ancestors did.

To feel like a true Piedmontese, you can celebrate this time of year with a glass of Dolcetto. It’s a red wine, meant to be consumed young, and it’s the first one ready thanks to its early harvest. 

My favorite Dolcetto is Dolcetto di Ovada DOC “Piosa” by Orsi’s winery. Dolcetto grapes grow in the hills outside the Langhe near the region of Liguria. This southern location and the sea breeze make the grapes ripen nicely and help them hold their acidity: the result is a spicy ruby red wine, perfect with a Piedmontese tagliere made of cheese and cold cuts.

Maybe you can’t come to Piedmont this Autumn, but you can bring some Piedmontese spirit to your home: take a trip through Piedmont on our website and let yourself be inspired by our traditional food and drinks. With a glass of wine in one hand and a warm piece of bread with cheese on the other, you will taste what Autumn like for Piedmontese people, and your autumn days will get even more warm and tasty for you and your loved one!

– Until next time, With love!