Once upon a time,
in Italy…

The search for excellence

We’re not made for those who follow trends, but for those who are seeking true excellence. One made from traditions and long remembered flavours, handed down from generation to generation, with love and passion, by the Italian artisans of taste.

We believe that high quality should be accessible to all. Being online allows us to connect people directly with the most traditional producers of our regions, thanks to an innovative service and a modern brand.

Every story has a beginning

Our story began from the encounter between the passion for good food and the desire to give help to local productions. A story of tradition, innovation, and above all humanity.

It was 2017 when we realized the great difficulties that small local producers had in making themselves known outside their area. Most of these were relying on hopeful distributors who weren’t sincere, with sometimes oppressive pricing policies.

But we, perhaps a little bit stubborn or for some even a little bit crazy, decided to create a reality of our own, that would really change the rules of the game and bring innovation to a sector that had remained immobile for too long.

We began our journey in our Piedmont region, meeting fantastic people, skilled in the production of tastes now forgotten, strictly craft, with the desire to be discovered by all.

Our idea was to create something new, a brand that would take full advantage of the power of the web, to bring these excellences and the stories of their creators, all over the world, in an innovative way, emphasizing the people and not the numbers.

Today we continue to tell their stories, no longer from a single region but from an entire country.

Because they are like us and we are them, under the same roof and with the same passion.

Past, present and future

Our first step was our very own site, designed and tweaked by our own creativity. We took inspiration from other industries, then adjusted it and made it better for our own project. It had to represent excellence but be simple and exciting to use, a site that would awaken people’s appetites. We made our logo and launched online with the trust of 15 producers and their 300 creations.

We look for a different, new, and simple style of communication. A true and direct story, a bit like the foodie friend you can always call for a couple of tips.

In the beginning, we were in a living room, we drove kilometers every morning to pick up all the products and sent them in a creative way. From one order comes another, then another and another. We care about the details. All the packaging has to preserve the products at their best and after many prototypes, we found the right formula.

We grew and grew again, no longer in two but in more than 10. No longer 15 producers but 140. No longer one region but 4. We are always here though, “The search for excellence” is tattooed on us, and with love and passion we continue to tell the stories of today and tomorrow.

So, when the doorbell rings today and you go to open it, you will find us there, ready to help you discover our home, made of tastes, people, and traditions.

Everything will be delicious.

Our Team

Nikas Bergaglio

CEO & Co-founder

Beatrice Poma

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Camilla Renzi

Customers Success & Analytics

Maria Di Campli

eCommerce Manager

Evelyn Hill

Content Manager

Valeria Lagroia

Graphic Designer & Social Media

Gloria Vittoria Bertolio

eCommerce Fulfillment Director

Carolina Baruffetti

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

Chiara Alliata

Negozietto Specialist

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