Antica Dispensa

Via Bava Beccaris 3, 12065 Monforte d’Alba (CN)

A bit of history

Antica Dispensa was founded in 1996 among the vineyards of Albese, establishing itself as one of the excellences of the Piedmontese canning tradition.
A story that never ceases to fascinate. A story of commitment, experience, professionalism and passion. A story of love for one’s origins. A story that won the AgriFood-Golosario award in 2017.
From typical Piedmontese appetizers to pasta sauces and ragù and sweet condiments, Antica Dispensa adds the strictest selection techniques to the natural origin of its ingredients, guaranteeing the utmost excellence and superiority of its products. With them you will find the true flavours of Piedmont.

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