Antica Norcineria

Via Rinascimento, 6 55025 Ghivizzano (LU)

A bit of history

Antica Norcineria have been maestri norcini for four generations, since nonno Bruno, who was passionate and willing to rebuild his life after the second world war by starting a good and local business with his son Elso. The business started in the post-war period at the foothills of the Apuan Alps, in the Valle del Serchio area.

By using simple ingredients that the land had to offer, Bruno and Elso made their business grow, first biking and then driving an old sidecar to the food markets of Garfagnana. In the 1970s, the business moved from a small place next to the train station of Ghivizzano to a much more suitable facility that would allow the growth of the enterprise. This was when Bruno’s nephew Rolando, entered the business, which he now runs together with his two sons producing the Antica Norcineria products.

The family has become more and more specialised in the production and trading of typically traditional products like lard, sausage and soppressata, becoming a reference brand for all genuine product in Media Valle, Garfaganana and all nearby areas. Nowadays, they practice the country traditions passed on to them by their ancestors to promote a healthy and wholesome diet.

Their passion and ongoing quest for quality is the same passion that drove their predecessors and allows them to carry on an incredible trade with the intent to bring excellent products, made with a combination of ancient knowledge and modern techniques, to the connoisseurs’ tables.

Products of this company