Via Roma 147, 28017 San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO)

A bit of history

Audere is the young and dynamic company of three friends, who chose to cultivate their common passion for chocolate. Diego, Riccardo, and Fabio, motivated by their innate enthusiasm, established what is now Audere – La Cioccolata.
They believe in Italian excellence; thus, they use raw materials such as rice, honey, and its derivatives that are strictly made in Italy.

And what about the cocoa? Their goal is ambitious and noble: respecting every single characteristic of the exquisite cocoa, using single-origin and blends, coming from Central and Latin America and Africa. Moreover, to promote Fairtrade, guided by their strong sense of ethics and respect for people and for the environment, they only work with suppliers who are conscientiously engaged in the protection of the environment and the workers.

To dare is the motto that is leading them to excel, bravo!

But their excellence shines through more than just their chocolate, they also produce delicious juices and jams, sharing the sweet taste of Piedmont’s fruit cultivation.

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