Azienda Agricola I Bo

Cascina Bo 22, 15026 Carentino (AL)

A bit of history

The Azienda Agricola I Bo is a tribute to the most recurrent name in the 1600s in the town of Carentino, a village in Basso Piemonte where their farmhouse is located.
Ezio and his son Marcello felt the need to return to nature and the true flavours of the past, to make sense of a world in rapid and constant change. In fact, “Back to nature” is their motto and the philosophy that guides every aspect of their operation: from the courageous decision to be certified as an organic farm to the creation of delicacies according to historical and traditional recipes.

“Back to nature” means making a superior quality result: they are spokesmen for a new idea of food well-being. All their products are made with the Tonda Gentile IGP Piedmont Hazelnut with its fine and persistent flavour, the fruit of an ancient plant, strong and tenacious but above all precious, like the history of this small business.

The hazelnuts of Azienda Agricola I Bo are processed by local artisans. Each of them has a recipe that they have been keeping with dedication for a long time, so as to create local synergies aimed at creating an excellent product that encapsulates the essence of Monferrato and enhances the land that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Products of this company