Azienda Agricola Valle del Rosa

Via Dott. Roi 6, 28871 Bannio Anzino (VB)

At the foot of Monte Rosa, the second highest mountain in the Alps, in the Anzasca Valley, there is a small farm where time has stood still. Barbara has brought back to life the breeding of a prized breed of Piedmontese pigs, known as “Nero Cavour” (black pigs), promoting the local tradition and preserving the value of a priceless heritage.

This breed almost became extinct a century ago. The pigs grow free on the farm’s land, eating what nature has to offer: the meat is darker, tasty, soft but compact. Barbara is one of the most courageous producers in the whole Val d’Ossola, the only one to deal entirely with a supply chain dedicated to cured meats.

She gave up her renowned career as a surveyor and construction site safety manager to recover a value almost lost over time. The production of artisanal cured meats is so restricted that Barbara only sells them at local weekly markets.

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