Azienda Agricola Zavoli

Via Pulzona 3678, 47835 Saludecio (RN)

The story of the Zavoli farm is about the production of cured meats from bygone days and a passion that is not lost in time. Among the hills of Romagna, overlooking the Adriatic Coast, for 3 generations the Zavoli family has been carrying on tradition without renouncing more innovative choices. Like the line of cured meats preserved in beeswax.
Born in the post-war period from grandfather Giovanni’s idea to create a closed-cycle company: from the breeding of typical Romagna breeds, to the cultivation of cereals for their needs, up to the production of handmade, good and genuine cold cuts.

Today, the brothers Matteo and Giovanni are at the helm of the family business and continue to cultivate their passion for making cured meats that excite from the very first taste, cured in a natural way and without rushing to reach the ideal maturity. Because things are only good if you have the patience to wait for the right time.

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