Azienda Vitivinicola Luigi Tacchino

Via Martiri Benedicta 26, 15060 Castelletto d’Orba (AL)

A bit of history

For over three generations the Tacchino family of Azienda Vitivinicola Luigi Tacchino has been producing wines of recognised quality in the Monferrato area. Alessio and Romina represent the new generation and thanks to the support of new technological tools for cultivation, today Tacchino wines have paved the way towards a more innovative future.

In fact, the traditional historic wines, such as the white Gavi and Barbera, are flanked by a lesser-known but still unquestionably high-quality wines which preserve the characteristics of colour, fragrance, and flavour.

The white soil and the natural amphitheatre that protects the vineyards from the north winds, together with the low production per hectare, ensure that the product is well cared for and of excellent quality. The Tacchino family chooses to treat their vines as a true member of the family. They believe “Wine is alive: it is born, it grows, it develops and matures.”

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