Birrificio Balabiòtt

Via Castellazzo 43, 28845 Domodossola (VB)

A bit of history

The Birrificio Balabiòtt brewery was born from the idea of Michele and Matteo, who, in 2014, after a year spent experimenting with recipes found in their attic, decided to take the first step and started with the first plant of 2,5hl with 2 fermenters, all set up in a former pastry shop in Corso Moneta in Domodossola.

Here the first 3 beers were born: Fiola, Sciura, and Rabelott. In 2015, due to the increase of market requests, especially in the province and in the valleys, they moved to Via Castellazzo, in a former supermarket where they expanded the plant, bringing the cooking room to 12 hl and an 84 hl fermentation cellar.

Since then, many things have changed, from Gianpaolo’s entry into Birrificio Balabiòtt to the arrival of Moreno, the master brewer, to the opening of the Gastropub, in the headquarters of the former Bar Roma in Domodossola. Today the brewery is in continuous transformation and boasts a fermentation cellar of almost 230hl, producing 18 different labels under the brand “Balabiòtt” and others for third parties, working with the same passion as always, bringing the name of the Ossola Valley to the world.

Their beers are neither microfiltered nor pasteurised in order to maintain the properties and essence of their flavour, as well as not adding any preservatives. Each beer encapsulates the story of the Val d’Ossola in a few sips: an experience to drink, an occasion to be together.

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