Birrificio Ossolano

Via Cavalli, 25, 28857 Santa Maria Maggiore (VB)

A bit of history

The Birrificio Ossolano began its activity in 2013 in the fascinating setting of the ancient center of Malesco, the historic municipality of the Vigezzo Valley, at the gates of the Val Grande National Park.
Since 2018, under the dynamic management of Massimiliano Cicco, it has found an effective driving force giving life to innovative recipes, which wear an exclusive and refined dress made up of unique bottles of the local scene, embellished with labels that are true works of art dedicated to the Vigezzina tradition, designed exclusively by emerging artists.

With the collaboration of Alberto Re, a young and talented master brewer, 7 types of unfiltered and non-pasteurized beer are produced with a strictly artisanal method, using a crystalline base such as water from the Vigezzine springs, selected barley malts, and fine hops, the result of constant research and selection.

Manual skills, a key element of every artisan activity, are repeated in every working phase, from production to bottling, from labeling to stamping, up to the writing of deadlines and lots on labels.

In 2019 the Birrificio Ossolano inaugurated its first direct sales space for the public, giving birth to the highly appreciated beer shop in Santa Maria Maggiore, thanks to which it can communicate firsthand the passion, enthusiasm, and aesthetic taste of the brand.
The Birrificio Ossolano’s high-quality production is bringing the Vigezzo Valley’s traditions inside and outside its geographical borders.

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Birrificio Ossolano

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