Via Alberelli 28, 44045 Renazzo (FE)

A bit of history

Bonfatti was founded in 1947 and is based in a small town in the heart of Emilia Romagna. Since the beginning, it has been producing typical Emilian cold cuts such as mortadella, salami and coppa di testa.

The range is characterized by craftsmanship that touches all stages of processing. The meats used to come exclusively from Italian pigs. Bonfatti carefully selects only natural spices and casings for its products.

Bonfatti’s art of butchery has also brought back to life other local cooked salamis, true excellences that are now very rare, such as Salame Rosa and Mortadella Lyon. These are products for which Slow Food has launched the new Presidium for the protection of traditional Bolognese pink salami, in addition to the one that has been active for several years for Mortadella Classica.

Products of this company