Via Ferruccio Nazionale 3, 13900 Biella (BI)

A bit of history

Founded in the province of Biella as a bakery in 1974, Brusa has evolved over the years to become a successful company in Italy and abroad, bringing tradition and quality to Piedmont all over the world. Specialized in the production of biscuits and bakery products, respecting the most ancient Piedmontese traditions, today it is still a family business with its roots deeply planted in the local culture and tradition. Since 2004, the company has been based in Biella. There, in its three laboratories, specialized respectively in the production of bread, breadsticks, and biscuits/chocolate, 1800 tons of products are made every year.

Their values are respect for tradition, constant research and innovation, and artisanal production methods. These are the principles that guide the company, and which have enabled its products to become so loved both in Italy and abroad, also thanks to the flexibility of the production and the wide range of services offered.

The magnificent Pre-Alps in Biella, rich in valuable natural resources, provide the context in which the company carefully selects the ingredients used in its traditional recipes. They prefer ingredients sourced locally, regionally, or in any case within Italy, always extra-fresh and of extremely fine quality. The Piedmont tradition gives them the Canestrej Bieleis (Canestrello Biellese in Italian) and the traditional Panettone, but also the slow-leavened artisanal breadstick and its hand-rolled variety. In fact, since 1974, Brusa has been upholding the tradition of the Piedmontese breadstick, prepared every day with simple, authentic ingredients and enriched with Mediterranean spices and ingredients such as olives, chili pepper, onion, sesame, rosemary, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil.

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