Cantina Paltrinieri

Via Cristo 49, 41030 Sorbara (MO)

A bit of history

Cantina Paltrinieri has been producing incredible Lambrusco in the heart of Sorbara since 1926. When Alberto Paltrinieri graduated, his father asked what he wanted to do in life. His immediate answer was to keep alive the tradition of the Paltrinieri family and keep working with their excellent wine. And in 1998 he and his wife Barbara took over the winery.

Their winery is currently 17 hectares of vineyards, located in the historic area of Cristo di Sorbara. This is a small band of land between the Secchia and the Panaro, two rivers that embrace the province of Modena.

The team at Paltrinieri truly loves wine, especially Lambrusco, and their love for their own product is what ensures high-quality wine vintage after vintage. Their respect for their land and their vines shines through in their gradient of wine, from the lightest rosè to their richest Lambrusco.

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