Cascina Carlot

Via Osasco, n°2, 14054 Coazzolo AT

Not lost over time and generations is the vision of the company: love for the land and constant attention in the vineyard.

100 years of family management and three generations at the helm.
All the wines tell the story of the Piedmont region in an authentic way because they are faithful to the land that hosts them and from which they come to life: this is why Claudio likes to call himself a ‘winegrower’, because all and most of his work is done directly in the vineyard.
Claudio lives in synergy in his 10 hectares of land in Monferrato where he cultivates vineyards, hazelnut trees and a small vegetable garden.
He listens to the needs of the land and punctuates all his work according to the rhythms dictated by nature.

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