Distilleria Lucrezio Rau

Località Pirastros Muzzos SS199, 07022 Berchidda (SS)

A bit of history

For three generations, the family of Lucrezio Rau has had the great passion to transform the products of nature, both spontaneous and cultivated, into ancient delicacies. The innate passion handed down from father to son, has fostered the rediscovery of foods.

Today Lucrezio Rau’s family, always respecting the ancient tradition for quality and genuineness, offers liqueurs and distillates of the highest level, always obtained from the flora and vineyards of Sardinia, rich in varieties such as to allow a wide range of distillates “made” in Sardinia.

Experience, together with a careful evaluation of market trends, have increased the awareness of being able to satisfy the demand of liqueurs, grappas and brandies which propose the incomparable aroma of Sardinian flora.

Products of this company