Enrico Druetto

Via Umberto I 14, 15021 Alfiano Natta (AL)

A bit of history

In 2010 Enrico Druetto started producing wine in the winery that once belonged to his grandfather, in Cardona, Monferrato. Taking care of the vineyards and producing wine are gestures that take him back to the time he spent with his grandparents in the hills. In fact, the reason why Enrico has decided to take the reins of the old winery is the hope of regaining contact with nature, with its colours and smells, and to believe that it will be regenerated also thanks to his commitment.

The vines, mainly Barbera, are over 65 years old and the grapes are harvested strictly by hand into boxes in order to limit the oxidation of the must before arriving at the winery. The fermentation of the grapes takes place spontaneously, without the addition of yeasts and the wine is aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

Enrico Druetto has chosen not only to produce the classics in a natural expression, but also to experiment with near forgotten Piedmontese grapes. For example  Baratuciat and Slarina rare local grapes that are often overlooked by producers.

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Enrico Druetto

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