Formaggi Lacesa

S.S. 129 km 95.700 Località Orosai, Birori (NU)

A bit of history

Since 1907, Lacesa has been carrying on the authenticity of the dairy tradition by producing cheeses and specialties of excellence with high-quality raw materials and innovative, environmentally friendly production processes. Lacesa (Latteria Centro Sardegna) cheeses have been produced since the beginning of the century in the area of Campeda in the heart of Sardinia. When a group of breeders decided to set up a cooperative to produce and market the cheese.

The Campeda plateau and the Marghine region are characterized by a geo-climatic position that makes them ideal pastures, both for the abundance of fodder and for the great variety of aromatic herbs that give milk and its derivatives incomparable characteristics and flavours. The fertile pastures, the selected livestock and the age-old dairy tradition of the inhabitants of the area, were the necessary and irreplaceable elements that gave birth to Lacesa through the fusion of the ancient cooperatives of Bortigali, Macomer and Silanus.

Over the years, the Lacesa Cooperative has always maintained a high standard of quality in its dairy production, through careful selection of milk, rigorous production processes and zootechnical assistance to farmers.

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