Fratelli Lunardi

Via di Lucciano 33/39, 51039 Quarrata (PT)

A bit of history

The sweet masters Fratelli Lunardi have been baking to their heart’s content since 1966. Massimiliano and Riccardo, were born and raised in the beauty of Tuscany. Lifelong lovers of the traditional tastes of their region, they began to experiment with traditional recipes but not only. They love experimenting with combinations and encounters of flavors, for every ingredient capable of telling a story.
Before the bakery, they started with a food store, which taught them much of what they know. Working in the store we have learned to create balanced recipes, and understand the desires of our customers, look further, and face the market with products that maintain the characteristics and quality of craftsmanship.

Their cookies are inspired by one of the oldest traditions of Tuscan cuisine: cantucci. They added just a little quality butter to make the cookie more tender and delicious. The flavors of their biscuits are five, made of imagination and years of experience. Each one has a main ingredient as a protagonist, for a balanced recipe full of flavor, where each bite manages to encompass all the facets of taste that only an ingredient treated naturally can tell.

With each product they take the utmost care, respecting each batch on its own, and packaging them with love. Each product is packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable paper boxes.

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