I Marinati di Comacchio

Corso G. Mazzini 200, 44022 Comacchio (FE)

A bit of history

I Marinati di Comacchio keep the tradition of the Adriatic sea alive. They were born from the desire to educate people about the taste of tradition through the beauty of reality.
The transformation of fish from the Comacchio Valleys takes place in the Sala Fuochi of the Antica Manifattura dei Marinati. Here they work the fish with a processing technique used since the end of the seventeenth century.

The project was originally under the former “Azienda Valli Comunali di Comacchio”. This organization has carried out its functions in three fundamental areas: fishing and fish culture, surveillance against illegal fishing, administration, and marketing of the catch.
Since 1933, the company also managed the factory for marinating fish (Manifattura dei Marinati), where I marinati di Comacchio are produced.

One of Comacchio’s most treasures products is their Slow Food Presidium of marinated eel, produced through an age-old method. The traditional procedure for the production of marinated eel is the one that is still followed at the Manifattura which includes slow cooking of the eel for best the best quality end product.

When you taste the work of I Marinati di Comacchio, you taste the age-old excellence of Emilia Romagna, a tradition that has been found on tables through time.

Products of this company