Il Freddozzo di Oleggio

A bit of history

The Freddozzo is a historic liqueur born in Oleggio, an agricultural town near Lake Maggiore, part of the Colline Novaresi DOC territory. It was conceived in the early eighties in a local shop in the central square of the town. Its peculiar name (in Italian recalls the term “cold”) underlines the fact that it needs to be served ice cold.
The initial recipe for this liqueur consisted of the maceration of raspberries in grappa – the result was a sweet and aromatic product that was immediately appreciated by everyone.

Today the company “Freddozzo di Oleggio”, availing itself of the collaboration and experience of the F.lli Revel Chion Distillery, has grown a large number of admirers in all of Northern Italy, while still maintaining the original recipe.
Freddozzo is a unique and exceptional product, completely natural, made without the addition of dyes or preservatives. It is the first – but not the only – product of this brand, whose logo represents a raspberry, a symbol of quality and excellence.

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