La Capuccina

Str. Capuccina 7, 28060 Cureggio (NO)

A bit of history

Built on an ancient structure used in the 1500s, La Capuccina was the base of the Mendicant Friars, who traveled from Varallo Pombia to Varese. Over time La Capuccina was used for various activities, first as a farming business and then as a textile business.
The farmstead remained so Raffaella and Gianluca, in love with the scars of La Cappuccina and in love with their land, decided to bring it back to its former glory. From that moment on, the farmhouse was born, which has a restaurant, a farm, and a hotel.

The last challenge in 2015, thanks to the partnership with an important local entrepreneur: they bought 5 hectares of vineyard in Fara Novarese, one of the best areas in Alto Piemonte to produce wine.

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