La Casera

Via Vidicc, 28923 Trobaso (VB)

A bit of history

La Casera was created by Giuseppe Buratti, who decided to open a small food business in Verbania with his wife Carla and the help of their sons Angelo and Eros. Over time, Eros Buratti developed a passion for cheeses and cured meats. Taking over the reins of the family shop, he decided to move the business to the center of Intra.

In 1991, that small shop became the center of continuous and accurate research on the most interesting and stimulating cheese producers all over Italy, which still delights the eyes and the palate of his customers. In 2006, Eros Buratti attached small processing and maturing workshop to the shop, where all the cheeses were selected, packaged, and shipped to all the Italian customers.

In the same year, Eros decided to build a natural maturing cave, where the selected cheeses were personally matured in the alpine valleys around Verbania.

Eros is a true cheese lover, when selecting his cheeses he chooses Piedmontese producers, and is a fan of raw milk cheese.

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