La Chiocciola di Prato Sesia

Via dei Partigiani 41B, 28077 Prato Sesia (NO)

A bit of history

The Chiocciola di Prato Sesia operates in compliance with the Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco specification, which is inspired by the laws of nature in an orthodox way, working only in open-air settings, without human intervention to create shelter from the weather conditions: sun, rain, wind, and snow. The only human intervention is to make the selection of the animals that will arrive in the kitchen.

Realized in the open air on free land, it ensures the snails their own natural life cycle, allowing them to lay their eggs, be born and graze freely, feeding exclusively on fresh vegetables, cultivated without the use of pesticides and fungicides. Compared to the snail grown in the wild, snails have shorter development times that make their meat more tender and fragrant The specific treatment of housing and purging means that it loses some of its moisture, giving the meat a higher yield in the kitchen, facilitating the cooking and shortening the time.

From the conviction that “eating well” is good for you and helps you to live better, The Chiocciola di Prato Sesia offer consumers a product with an authentic and genuine flavor.

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