Le Follie di Carlo Giusti

Via provinciale per Lajatico 55, 56030 Lajatico (PI)

A bit of history

Carlo giusti is a dreamer. Coming from a family that has worked in restaurants for generations, they ventured into the world of farming as well. Carlo himself has been a winemaker and consultant, but through his travels, he came back to his lifelong passion to promote local breeds.
Specifically, he is very interested in the Valdarno Nera breed, an ancient Chianti rooster that seemed to be extinct but continues to roam regally on his land and those of a few other visionary Tuscan breeders.
In the early 2000s, he grew to be passionate about another animal breed, that of the Black Angus. He ventured to focus on organic breeding to Tuscany, going beyond the tradition of the Chianina breed.
And his third interest is that of carrier pigeons. He also takes care to breed them and transform them into a cured meat that did not before exist.

He cares for all these breeds on his family farm: La Vallata. A project today covers 500 hectares used for grazing, viticulture, agriculture. On this land, you’ll also find a restaurant and hotel to be fully immersed in the tradition of the region.

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