Le Mareviglie

Viale Elmas 188, 09122 Cagliari (CA)

A bit of history

Le Mareviglie is a true family business that values tradition, passion and loyalty. Courage and confidence in their work and innovation. An Italian company, born on a special island: Sardinia, intact in its beauty, firm in its values. It all started with a great passion, that of Salvatore Faedda, who with 40 years of experience in the field of food processing, created the family business “Su Tianu Sardu“, a leader in the production of Bottarga.

Today the new generations have given life to Le Mareviglie, enhancing the family tradition with an innovative spirit. This is how the new lines were born: from Appetizers and sea condiments, such as BIO ready-made sea sauces, to specialities such as squid ink and sea urchin pulp, gastronomic excellences resulting from the reinterpretation of ancient family recipes.

The new generation is increasingly motivated by the protection and enhancement of the Sardinian tradition in the world, but even more by the search for innovation towards the preparation of new organic products.

Products of this company