Lodi Corazza

Via Risorgimento 223, 40069 Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa (BO)

A bit of history

Since when the first bottles of wine came out from the cellar of the house, the Lodi Corrazza family cultivates the same lands, with the perseverance and the passion of those who are part of the territory and have respected it during the years, adopting an integrated agriculture that has kept its biodiversity intact.

Farming is a family tradition that today continues with the siblings Silvia and Cesare Corazza.the two siblings, over the years, have renewed the structure and the vineyards, continuing the viticultural development of the company and selecting native and international clones already present on their land, cultivated for generations by the maternal family Lodi, and enhanced by the thin red soil of Zola Predosa, inside the DOC Colli Bolognesi area.

With the idea that wine is a product of the earth, the living result of an idea and a millenary tradition, which needs its time and balance to mature, improve and last over time, as a testimony of a special vintage.
Lodi Corazza was built in 1988 according to a project by the same owner Ing. Corazza Corrado, the current production cellar includes 90 fermentation and storage tanks, including stainless steel, cement and wood.

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