Via Ferrari E. 17, 47838 Riccione (RN)

A bit of history

Luvirie brings us ancient flavours, found in the typical products of Emilia Romagna. They find the traditional recipes and production methods of the region, and bring them to our table, sharing the true excellence of Emilia Romagna.

Since 2005 Luvirie has continued to grow, starting from the passion for the typical recipes of Emilia Romagna and for the Romagna dialect (from which, the name of the company comes).

It was born inside a community kitchen, with a sweet recipe for caramelized figs, and has grown to have its own production and plenty more recipes. The drive to share the true taste of the region continues and Luvirie won’t stop yet. Take a bite and enjoy the excellence of Emilia Romagna.

Products of this company