Monastero Germagno

Località Giardino della Risurrezione, Germagno (VB)

A bit of history

The Monastero Germagno, or rather, Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in Germagno (VB) is a Benedictine priory of the Sublacense-Cassinese Congregation and was founded in 1971. Located on the slopes of Mount Massone, it protrudes on Lake Orta. The community is currently made up of nine monks who have been joined by seven “brothers and sisters in the world”, and a sister who lives a monastic commitment near the Monastery. Even among the differences that an original vocation imposes, all the monks try to witness a single “community”, passionate for the good of each of its members, who are committed to living according to the prospects of that good zeal, which Benedict describes in chapter 72 of his Rule.

The community, and in it each one of the brothers, lives his search for God focusing life on the essentials. Each day is marked by an intense rhythm of prayer which is the setting for the two periods of work of the monks. Work is an essential element of the spiritual life of the monk. It is not only intended to support the community economically, but it is an instrument of human and spiritual growth. Part of their work in the monastery involves creating excellent jams and marmalades to share with you.

Produced from seasonal fruit, grown in the fields of the monastery and partially purchased from trusted suppliers, jams and marmalades offer a wide range of possible choices: from the most classic, to the most unusual combinations, from new and unexpected flavours, to those that need to be rediscovered, which recall a forgotten past. By carefully checking the quality of the fruit, not using pectin, and limiting the addition of sugar to the minimum needed to reach the legal threshold, the high quality of the products is assured. Excellent and genuine preparations that preserve all the flavour of the raw ingredients.

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