Palazzo di Varignana

Via Ca' Masino 611A, 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

A bit of history

Palazzo di Varignana has a story to be told…and to be tasted. The brand represents a philosophy founded on tradition, excellence, and health.
In 1821 Gioan Ignazio Molina hoped to bring back the cultivation of olives to the land of Varignana.

Beginning in 2015, an ambitious agronomic project was launched that led to the redevelopment of the landscape, bringing back into activity large portions of uncultivated land.

They practice organic farming and produce delicious products exclusively from their own land. With every production, they strive not only for the best taste but for a clean and traditional product, one that they can be proudly shared with the food community. They trace their delights through history to tell the story of their excellence through time.
Enjoying a taste of Palazzo di Varignana is enjoying a taste of the excellence of Emilian tradition.

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