Peter in Florence

Via Case Sparse, 12 Loc. Diacceto Pelago 50060 Firenze

A bit of history

The best juniper in the world comes from Tuscany, as well as the root of iris, used to bind water to the various aromas in gin. When Patrick Hoffer, an English entrepreneur living in Florence and passionate about gin, discovered this, he decided to open a distillery that produces only this gin, the first specialized in Italy. Thus was born in 2017 “Peter in Florence”. The name is a tribute to his father Peter.

Peter in Florence is, in tribute to Florence, the “gin of elegance”: it focuses on the iris, icon of the city, of which not only the root is used, as per tradition, but also the petals, which is much rarer. It’s a classic gin, in compliance with the rules of London Dry Gin, but innovative, also for the use of various botanicals, 14 in all: in addition to juniper and iris, fresh bergamot zest, dried lemon zest, rose berries, fresh lavender and rosemary flowers, angelica root, coriander, bitter almonds. Almost all of them are grown at Podere Castellare; the others are organic and come from specialized local micro-producers. Patrick Hoffer and Patrizio Pandolfi thus decided to valorize the cultivations and to reappropriate in an innovative way a tradition which was disappearing.

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