Pico Maccario

Via Giovanni Cordara 87, 14046 Mombaruzzo (AT)

Pico Maccario, founded by brothers Pico and Vitaliano Maccario, is a modern winery. Shining with innovation in the vineyard and winery. They’ve brought together an incredible team who focus on producing wines of the highest quality.

While not sticking to tradition in every sense, they leave their mark on every bottle, showcasing the excellence of Piedmontese wines, but with a new perspective.

Wines are aged in different methods, always in pursuit of the highest quality and respect for the original traits of the grapes.

They have two primary vineyards: in Monferrato and the Langhe. In the Langhe area Pico Maccario manages Nebbiolo vineyards in the comune of Neive, Serralunga d’Alba and Barolo.
In Monferrato, Pico Maccario owns near a hundred hectares where they grow Barbera, Viognier, Cortese, Sauvignon Blanc, and Moscato d’Asti varietals. It is here in their single-vineyard estate, they decorate their vineyards with over five thousand rose plants and one thousand coloured pencil poles that bring joy and identify the history and the mood of Pico Maccario with total respect to the traditions.

So why do they choose coloured pencils?
Over 900 pencils poles in 22 different colours line their vineyards, bringing joy and colour to outstanding territory recognized by UNESCO since 2014.
Their coloured wooden cases became a signature over the years and represent an elegant alternative to the classic “neutral” wooden ones; the random combinations of different colours allow a new original and unique creation possible every time.

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