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PiodaMara Gin is made from berries and herbs that live in the heart of the Piedmontese Alps, in the Vigezzo Valley. This area enchants every adventurer with its dense, rich vegetation and strong cultural tradition. A mix of alchemy, mythology and tradition are the secret ingredients that make their gin so strong and with Alpine scents, as unique as the legendary Bazzalesk. The Bazzalesk, in the local language, means a small snake with the head of a rooster wearing a royal crown.

Legend has it that anyone who meets the eye of the Bazzalesk experiences a state of unconsciousness. The same feeling you can experience as soon as you taste the Piodamara Gin.

The name “Pioda ‘mara” represents a smooth, dark stone that is hidden in the Villettesi forest: Sandro discovered this treasure during a walk with his parents. Sitting on this stone, he was inebriated by the intense and delicate scent of juniper berries and other botanicals typical of the area. This is where the Piodamara distillery comes from, to pay homage to this land and to bring far away the flavour and history of the Piedmontese Alps.

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