Podere ai Valloni

Strada della Traversagna 1, 28010 Boca (NO)

A bit of history

The love of wine and the land around Boca are passionately united in Podere ai Valloni. A family-run business since 1980: Guido and Cristiana Sertorio have chosen and studied these lands to weave a valuable alliance. The rural residence, built around a 17th-century observatory that has been renovated and enlarged, stands on a hill overlooking the vineyards; centuries-old hornbeams, multicoloured flowerbeds with camellias, azaleas, skimmias and peonies surround the house, which is connected to the vineyard by a long row of table grapes supported by a stone trellis.
The production is deliberately limited to only 10,000 bottles per year, a choice that allows each step during the production and evolution of the wine to be taken with infinite care.

Podere ai Valloni is a certified organic wine producer since 2011, they believe their land gives so much to their wine, that they want to give back.

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