Pure Sardinia

Via Morandi, 2/E (SS) 07100

A bit of history

Thirty years ago, Flavio Porcu began his career as a business consultant in the world of food and wine, helping companies to develop new products. His intuitions have always proved successful and his new creations have become the flagship products of his collaborators’ collections.
At the age of 46, he decided to become the entrepreneur of a project called “Pure Sardinia”. At the basis of his production are two essential values: time and the genuineness of the raw materials from Sardinia.

The choice of the name “Pure” indicates, in fact, the selection of natural ingredients to obtain a superior quality result characterised by unique flavours and aromas.
This Sardinian distillery knows how to retain the soul of the island populated by senzasional landscapes, sometimes harsh and wild, where the sea, the sun and the wind are additional and essential ingredients for everything that is created.

Pure Sardinia’s liqueurs and gins are the fruit of the land of Sardinia, produced in limited quantities and in elegant bottles that have already conquered the most refined palates around the world.

Products of this company