Rizzati Cioccolato

Via Virginia Woolf 16/A, 44124 Ferrara

A bit of history

Rizzati was founded in 1997 and has always cultivated a great passion for chocolate and candied fruit, which has led her to dedicate time and energy to the discovery of new techniques and innovative products. Some of these products appear on the tables of the most prestigious Italian restaurants, while the first international awards and recognitions arrive.

Rizzati is passion, research, creativity, the best raw materials and unique flavours.
They are organic by choice because they believe it is the only path to follow: nature contains by itself perfect flavours, complete aromas and exciting differences that man cannot synthesise. It is the only way that fruit grown in a completely natural way can retain its original flavours and be classed as being of the highest quality.

Their philosophy is based on the selection of quality fruit, on the respect of raw materials during the production cycle, on experimentation and creativity, on the passion and competence that combine tradition and the search for modernity par excellence.
For years they have continued to churn out genuine, artisan sweets, such as Torta Tenerina, the typical Ferrara gluten-free cake with a chocolate heart, chocolate bars and pralines and candied fruit.

Products of this company