Rocca Toscana Formaggi

Via Giacomo Puccini 79, 52100 Arezzo (AR)

A bit of history

Rocca Toscana have had a passion for cheese making since 1956.
Their company has its roots in decades of experience. The Canti family has been working in the dairy sector since 1956 and, over time, has succeeded in developing a distinct specialization in the selection, aging and refining of pecorino cheeses. In 2015, this expertise and passion found expression in the decision to launch the ambitious entrepreneurial project of Rocca Toscana Formaggi. The project relies on the art of “making cheese” guarded by the Roccastrada dairy and is driven by the objective of producing excellent pecorino and caprino cheeses through direct control of every detail of production, from the choice of milk to distribution.

Rocca Toscana Formaggi is now internationally renowned for its ability to harmoniously combine age-old production techniques, constant research into innovation, natural aging processes and products of Italian excellence, with an alchemy that allows it to produce a rich variety of classic, flavored, aged and organic cheeses.

Products of this company