Salina di Cervia

Via Salara 6, 48015 Cervia (RA)

A bit of history

Not all salt is the same, and Salina di Cervia shows us just how incredible a local salt can be. The Salina di Cervia was established in 2002 by a group of locals interested in protecting the tradition and great work of the area. The aim of the company is the management of the environmental and ecological, and cultural enhancement of the entire Cervia salt-pans area.

The Salt originates from seawater, evaporated and concentrated. It is whole because once collected, it is exclusively washed with mother water and then left to dry in the piles.

The salt is sweet for geographical, historical and, of course, chemical reasons. Cervia is the northernmost salt pan in Italy, the characteristics of the basins and of the Adriatic Sea, ensure that the salt obtained from it is made up of extremely pure sodium chloride. The salt maintains unaltered the characteristics of healthfulness essential for life.

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