Società Agricola I Dof Mati

Via C. Battisti 21, 28073 Fara Novarese (NO)

A bit of history

The I Dof Mati winery, which in Piedmontese dialect means “The two girls”, is an ambitious project created by the courage and madness of Valentina and Sara in 2016.
On the strength of their passion for wine, they resurrected an ancient vineyard near Ghemme and Fara and gave life to one of the most precious wineries in Alto Piemonte. The name evokes the clear and precise direction of the winery: to enhance the territory, its roots, its history and the potential of the wine that comes from it.

With love, dedication and passion they have cleared, replanted and cultivated the native vines of the area.
The old cellar has also been restored to allow the wine to be aged in cement barrels, a traditional method in the area.

Their project is based on exploiting the potential of the area ventilated by the Monte Rosa breeze and, at the same time, finding innovative ideas to extend and disseminate the knowledge and importance of the place elsewhere.

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