Tenuta Poggiorosso

Viale Etruria, 1, 57025 Stazione di Populonia (LI)

A bit of history

A tale of passion, from the Monelli Family. After years of abandonment, they found the beautiful Tenuta Poggio Rosso and chose to give it a whole new life. Respecting the story the Tenuta had to tell while turning it into a point of reference for viticulture on the Tuscan coast. They bought the land and quickly gathered the whole family to bring the farmhouse and vineyard back to new glory.

The Tenuta is located in Populonia, in the Val di Cornia, this is an ancient land that was once an Etruscan center. Here they produced wine long before the arrival of the Romans. While the Family desires to respect this ancient tradition in all their work, they also have chosen a selection of grapes that do best in their territory. Today the Monelli family chooses to grow local grapes like Sangiovese and Vermentino, as well as international favourites like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Viognier.

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