Tenuta Santa Lucia

Via Giardino 1400, 47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC)

A bit of history

Where there is Wine, there is love. The Santa Lucia estate was founded in the 1960. They are located at 250 m. above sea level at Mercato Saraceno in the Savio valley, right in the heart of Romagna. At that time a farm ought to be self-sufficient and produce everything, from cheese to fruit, to wine.

Towards the end of the 1990s there was a turning point: the farm specialized in winegrowing; a revolution which started from the vineyards to continue in the cellar. Thanks to the advice of important Italian winemakers we were able to carry out a plan aiming at upgrading the production and exploiting the culture, the history and the traditions of the area.

The Sangiovese, the Albana, the Famoso and the Centesimino are the chief protagonists: they are the main vines of our region and right here, in our area, they are able to express important varietal features thanks to the peculiar paedo-climatic conditions.

All vineyards are grown according to organic farming with espalier training system and Guyot pruning. In recent years outstanding outcomes have been achieved through the evaluation of the lunar phases influence (both in the vineyards and in the cellar) applying biodynamic philosophy.

Thanks to this new approach the territory re-appropriate its true identity which we believe is the ground for the growth and the development of any wine.

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