Via Stazione 49B, 08011 Bolotana (NU)

A bit of history

Terracuza is the name of a very fine clay that can only be found where the water springs. This is where the farm’s mission comes from: to offer experiences, through the tasting of their products, that make people discover, preserve, unite and protect their roots, without stopping at superficiality. At the helm of Terracuza is now Giacomo, who follows the thread of the work undertaken by his father Giovanni to protect the biodiversity of their Sardinian territory.

Terracuza is located in a hilly area that is not very favourable to agriculture because it is characterised by steep slopes and dry stone terracing. But this has not stopped Giacomo’s passion and arduous mission. In fact, the family-run farm recovers and takes care of ancient local varieties of plants and olive groves. All the work, from the field to the production of the products, is done manually. The raw materials are all processed within 12 hours in order to preserve their original colours, scents and aromas.

The farm is located in Bolotana, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the soil is granite, ventilated by the sea breeze but overlooked by the Marghine mountain range: this gives a unique and special character to their oils and olives. Terracuza is part of the panorama of Sardinian oil production to rediscover authentic values characterised by a strong link with the territory.

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