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A bit of history

On the hills in Gattinara, in the north of Piedmont, the winemaking tradition is carried on with passion by Travaglini family since 1958.  Arturo, Giancarlo and Cinzia represent three generations of expert and talented winemakers: their hard work has made Travaglini winery one of the most esteemed producers of traditional, limited production, wines from Nebbiolo grapes.

Nebbiolo grows in their historic vineyards, on rocky soil in a terroir that enhances their peculiar character and their mineral notes. The expertise of Cinzia Travaglini and her husband Massimo Collauto turns these excellent grapes into refined and elegant wines. Their masterpiece is the Gattinara DOCG. A symbol of Piedmontese excellence Travaglini wines are recognized all around the world also for their unique bottles. Designed for Giancarlo Travaglini in 1958 this special bottle naturally catches sediment during pouring, allowing the wine to be served directly, without decanting and its dark color protects the wine from light, guaranteeing impeccable conservation.

Exceptional bottles for exceptional wines, that taste like tradition and dedication to the noble art of winemaking, a true Piedmontese pride.

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